Charity Project

My Bar Mitzvah was March 2015 and for my chessed project I decided to donate money to four charities by doing something that I love, baking.  I bake because it is in my blood and it is my passion. Feeding people makes me happy!

I have committed to baking and selling as much as could until March 2015 and donating all the money to the following four charities. I raised over $4,000!!

    • Yad Eliezer: an Israeli charity working towards bringing Israeli children out of poverty. 
    • Tomchei Shabbos: a New York based charity that feeds the hungry.
    • Larger Than Life: an Israeli non-profit organization that aims to improve the quality of life and the welfare of children and youth with cancer and their families in Israel; regardless of religion, race or ethnicity.
    • Standing together: an Israeli charity working to make a difference to those in the IDF who make a difference in Israel.

Thank you all for your support.